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Sophos Firewall Sizing Guide – Choose the right XGS Firewall

As a business, it’s critical to protect your networks from the many threats that lurk on the Internet every day. A firewall is an indispensable tool that controls traffic on your network and blocks unauthorized access. But choosing the right firewall size is critical to ensure your network’s performance is not compromised and to ensure an effective security strategy. In this article, you’ll learn why sizing your firewall correctly is important and how to find the right firewall solution for your business. We will help you decide which firewall is best suited to effectively protect your network.

What is important for sizing?

Sophos Firewall Sizing is an important aspect of choosing the right firewall for a network. The Sophos Sizing Guide provides helpful hints for determining the required firewall size. Several criteria are decisive here.

First, the number of users on the network is an important factor. This number indicates the total number of users that make use of the network. Based on this, a first estimate can be made for the required hardware appliance of the XGS series.

In addition, it is important to consider specific throughput requirements that depend on the maximum available internet connection capacity as well as the actual capacity of the internet connection. Depending on the environment, this may require an upward or downward adjustment of the initial estimate. It is important that the selected device is capable of handling the average data throughput transmitted over the available internet connection. Internal traffic that needs to be filtered through the firewall should also be part of the considerations.

The type of firewall licence and the associated protection mechanisms are also important. Here, adding web server or email protection can reduce performance by 5-10%.

Other factors are the number of site-to-site VPN tunnels and the volume of web traffic generated. The expected data traffic plays a role in the selection of the appropriate firewall.

In summary, Sophos Firewall Sizing is an important process in selecting the right firewall for a network. Several factors must be considered, including the number of users, throughput requirements, and desired protection features. The Sophos Firewall Sizing Guide and Sizing Tool (contact form below) provide valuable assistance in this process.

What is the difference between the various appliances?

The different models of Sophos Firewall differ mainly in hardware performance, number of ports, port speed and expandability, as some models allow the addition of extra modules or ports. All models have the same software. The choice of the right model depends on the requirements of the network environment, such as number of users, throughput and required features like traffic scanning (SSL/TLS inspection), VPN or intrusion prevention.

Sophos Desktop Appliances – Small Business

The XGS Series desktop appliances provide an all-in-one network security solution for small businesses, branch offices and retailers. The desktop models are modular and offer excellent value for money. All models feature powerful hardware and are equipped with a high-speed CPU and a dedicated Xstream Flow processor.

4 User
6 User
10 User
15 User
25 User

Sophos 1U Rack Appliances – Midsize Business

The XGS series (1U appliance) from Sophos offers a scalable security solution with dedicated Xstream flow processors. The firewall appliances offer a perfect balance between port density and modularity and feature a variety of integrated high-speed ports as well as additional flexi-port modules. These models are designed for larger SMBs and medium enterprises that require high network performance. For maximum performance and security, the 1U appliances are equipped with powerful hardware.

40 User
80 User
180 User
300 User
600 User
1000 User

Sophos 2U Rack Appliances – Enterprise Business

The Sophos Enterprise XGS series offers the fastest firewalls for distributed enterprises with high demands on performance, connectivity and redundancy. The appliances are suitable for networks with high complexity and offer optimal security through dedicated hardware acceleration and comprehensive protection features. Sophos Enterprise Firewalls offer a perfect balance between port density and modularity, as well as integrated high-speed ports and additional flexi-port modules.


XGS 7500


XGS 8500

It costs nothing to ask

As an IT administrator, it is your responsibility to maintain your company’s network security and ensure that your network is protected from the many threats that lurk on the Internet every day. This includes choosing the right firewall to ensure an effective security strategy and not compromise the performance of your network. Choosing the right firewall solution is a critical factor in this. The multitude of options available on the market can make choosing the right firewall difficult. But we are here to help you choose the right firewall. If you need assistance in choosing the right firewall to ensure that the sizing fits your needs, you can always contact us. Our experts are on hand with their expertise to ensure that your network and security requirements are met. We are happy to help you find the optimal firewall solution for your business.


Fill out our contact form to receive a firewall recommendation that meets your requirements. Your information will help us determine the right firewall sizing. This is how we find the right solution for your network security.

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