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Uninstall Sophos Central Endpoint (Windows)

In this article we’ll show you how to uninstall Sophos Central Endpoint Protection from your windows computer.

Important: As a standard, Tamper Protection is activated for Sophos Endpoint Clients in Sophos Central. This prevents users from uninstalling or manipulating the client. Before you can follow this tutorial, you will have to deactivate Tamper Protection for the client in question. You can read how to do so in this tutorial.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • Admin permission on the computer
  • Tamper Protection deactivated

Uninstalling Sophos Endpoint Protection

1. Uninstalling Sophos Endpoint Protection

After deactivating Tamper Protection, you can uninstall the client from Windows. Open the Windows Control Panel, choose Uninstall software and search for Sophos Endpoint Agent. By clicking Uninstall the client can now be removed.

Uninstalling Sophos Endpoint Protection

2. Removing the computer from Sophos Central

After uninstalling the client from your Windows computer, you can now remove the computer from Sophos Central. Click on Endpoint Protection in the sidebar and choose Computer. Select the computer you’d like to remove and click on Delete in the top right.

Removing the computer from Sophos Central

Important: To save yourself a lot of trouble, always make sure to remove the client from the computer before removing the computer from Sophos Central. Attempting to uninstall a client which still has Tamper Protection activated will get extremely complicated. For this emergency, we have the right instructions for you: Uninstall Sophos Endpoint Protection with Tamper Protection enabled (Windows)