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Uninstall Sophos Central Endpoint (Windows)

In this article we will show you how to uninstall Sophos Central Endpoint Protection from your Windows computer.

Important: By default, Sophos Central on Sophos Endpoint Client has Tamper Protection enabled. This prevents a user from easily uninstalling the client or changing settings. Before you can follow this tutorial, you must have disabled Tamper Protection for your client. How to do that, you will learn in this tutorial.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • Admin rights on the computer
  • Tamper Protection disabled

Uninstall Sophos Endpoint Protection

1. uninstall Sophos Endpoint Client

After you have removed the Tamper Protection, the client can be uninstalled from Windows. To do this, go to the Control Panel, select Programme deinstallieren and find Sophos Endpoint Agent in the list. With a click on Deinstallieren the client can now be removed.

2. remove the computer from Sophos Central

After uninstalling the client on the Windows computer, you can also remove the computer from Sophos Central. To do this, click again on the left sidebar on the menu item Endpoint Protection and immediately after that on Computer. Select the computer you want to remove and click the Delete button in the upper right corner.

Important: To save yourself a lot of trouble, you should never remove the computer from Sophos Central before uninstalling the client on the computer. If you want to uninstall the client on the computer and it still has tamper protection, it will be extremely inconvenient to remove the client after all. We have written the right guide for you for this emergency: Uninstalling Sophos Central Endpoint with tamper protection enabled (Windows)