Avanet Einrichtung und Konfiguration

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Available on request

Available on request

Our "setup and configuration" package is designed for customers who are looking to get the best from their Sophos product. Do not leave anything to chance when setting up and benefit from the skills of a certified Sophos professional.

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Product Description

A Sophos product may be easy to use, but it will only give you the results you want if it is correctly installed and configured.

Anyone who uses a security product in their company requires a guarantee that it also makes the company "secure". So before you get a Sophos product up and running, first ask yourself, "Am I the right person for the job? Don't let the slogan "Security made Simple" blind you, even though that phrase makes you feel that any child can set it up.

Security is a very sensitive topic and needs well-founded know-how in order to meet the security requirements of a company 100 percent. For this reason, we offer this "setup package".

Setting up your Sophos according to best practice

With the purchase of this package, you entrust us with the installation and setup of your Sophos Firewall. We will take care of the basic configuration for you and discuss any further requirements with you. Additional firewall configurations are covered by one hour effort.

The basic configuration includes the registration and updating of the firewall including the network configuration (zones, interfaces, firewall rules, VPN connections etc.) within 1.5 hours.

Setup by Remote or on site.

We do the basic configuration of your Sophos firewall in-house and then send it to you by post. All you need to do is connect it to your corporate network. All other configurations can be done remotely. If you wish, we can also bring the firewall to you personally and answer any further questions you may have on site.


The workshop includes 1h introduction to the UTM or XG firewall via Teamviewer.

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