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Stop spam and unwanted emails

Comprehensive protection for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and many other email providers.

With Sophos Secure Email Gateway, you get an extra layer of protection between an email and your inbox. So before you open an email in the future, it has already been scanned by Sophos for suspicious content, attachments or URLs. Of course, it uses the latest anti-malware and phishing detection technologies, which are always kept up to date to detect the latest threats.

You can use Sophos Email Gateway with your own mail server or Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and many other email providers.

Sophos Central free test!

Create a free Sophos Central account now and try all products, including Central Intercept X Advanced with XDR non-binding for 30 days. If you are convinced of the solution after your test period, you can easily order the licenses from us.

Emergency inbox

After Sophos Central Email Gateway has checked a message, it forwards it to the mail server. Now, however, it may happen that the mail server is not available, for whatever reason. For this case, Sophos Central Email Gateway has a so-called emergency inbox. There, all undeliverable emails are temporarily stored for 14 days and can also be viewed at any time. As soon as the server is available again, these mails are delivered accordingly.

Deception protection

You must know that it is very easy to define the sender address of an e-mail completely freely. So I could theoretically take an email address from your address book and send you a message with this sender.

Especially in phishing attacks, this technique is often exploited to fool you into thinking that your bank or another trusted contact has sent an important message. If you know the sender, the chances that you will open the email and follow the instructions increase.

Sophos Central Email Gateway can detect such deceptions and alert you to them.

Content filtering

Sophos Central Email Gateway has powerful spam protection. Each message is analyzed and assigned a spam value. You can set the strength of the spam filter yourself via the preferences based on three levels. You also decide what to do with emails that are categorized as spam. You can either have them delivered anyway, move them to the quarantine or delete them immediately.

E-mail quarantine

By default, blocked emails are moved to the quarantine. They then remain there for 30 days before being deleted. With Sophos Central Email Gateway, you can send a quarantine report to your employees on a regular basis. This lists all messages that have been blocked and not delivered. A quick check is all it takes to discover emails that have been mistakenly marked as spam.

Of course, any user can also view their quarantine, find out the reason for blocking or have the email forwarded to their mailbox.

Technical specifications

Email Standard Email Advanced
Inbound Message Scanning
Outbound Message Scanning
Domain / Group / User Policies
Admin and User Quarantine
Admin Allow / Block Lists
AD Sync or Azure AD Sync
24/7 Emergency Inbox
Message Processing Locations (U.K., Germany, USA)
Anti Spam Filters
Delay queue
Inbound SPF, DKIM and DMARC
Display Name and Lookalike Domain Analysis
Antivirus filter
Time-of-Click URL Protection -
Sophos Zero-Day Protection (Sandstrom) -
Push-based Email Encryption
Enforced TLS encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Content control policies (keyword and file types)
Reporting dashboard and detailed reports
Role-based access via Sophos Central

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