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Sophos Firewall - Web Protection License Box
Sophos XG 125 Web Protection

205,08  - 256,36 

205,08  - 256,36 

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Sophos XG 125 Web Protection

205,08  - 256,36 

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Web Protection - for safe and productive web surfing

Your employees' surfing behavior can have a negative impact on productivity. There is also a risk of malware being introduced into the network. Web Protection provides you with detailed reports about Internet traffic.

Protect against threats from the network

Web Protection blocks the latest IT threats from the web with state-of-the-art techniques that stop drive-by downloads and other malicious web code before it enters the browser.

Increase employee productivity

Increase productivity and mitigate liability risks by controlling which websites your employees can access. With Web Protection you can block or control entire categories of unwanted websites or specific URLs.

Control Internet traffic

Web Protection helps you decide which apps to block, allow and prioritize so your web apps always run smoothly. You can prioritize certain applications like Saleforce and block or restrict YouTube at the same time.

View employee activities on the network

Web Protection helps you provide detailed reports that can be scheduled and automatically distributed via email.

Stop hidden threats

Web Protection's HTTPS scanner can detect malware hiding in encrypted traffic of trusted websites and blocks HTTPS tunnels of unwanted programs.