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The time to switch to the XGS firewall hardware is coming soon

The countdown for the End of Life date of the XG series is running. At the end of March 2025, the Sophos XG Firewall hardware will be End of Life.

Countdown – End of Life for Sophos XG Firewall Hardware


I have already written an article: Is it worth buying the new XGS hardware?

Now a lot of time has passed and the conditions have changed. There is less time. From the end of March 2024, 1-year licenses for XG hardware will no longer be available. An extension is only possible on a monthly basis.


What does End of Life of the XG Firewall mean?

– There are no more licenses to buy for the hardware appliance.
– Sophos no longer provides support or warranty on these appliances.
– There are no more SFOS updates for the firewall.

Otherwise, everything will continue to work. If you have an XG firewall without licenses and actually only firewall with the Base License, it will continue to work, but without security updates and protection features, which is a bit questionable for a firewall.

I still have an SG appliance with SFOS installed, do I need to switch to the XGS appliance as well?

Yes, the SG appliance is also affected by the End-of-Life and, according to Sophos Calendar, still runs with all versions of SFOS v20.

How do I switch from XG to XGS hardware, is a new installation necessary?

Fortunately, reinstallation is not necessary, as it is when switching from UTM to SFOS. The hardware goes End of Life and the Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) remains the same.
You can create a backup of the current firewall and restore the backup on the new XGS appliance. It is important here that the backup is compatible with the XGS firewall. If the update path is followed here, there are no problems. Just contact us if you have any questions or check it yourself on the following page: Backup-restore compatibility check

Are FlexiPorts of the XG Firewall compatible with the XGS Appliance?

None of the modules for the XG Firewall are still compatible with the XGS Firewall and therefore they have to be purchased again.

Sophos APs no longer working?

If there are still Sophos AP series Access Points in use on the XG that are already End-of-Life but still working, these must also be replaced when switching to the XGS Firewall.
For your information: The APX Access Points are still being sold, but the End of Sale of some models is imminent. If you want to continue using Sophos Access Points, I would recommend the AP6 series, but these can only be managed via Central (subscription required).

Sophos XG to XGS Promo

Of course, there is also another promo when switching from XG to XGS hardware.

When purchasing a new Sophos XGS Firewall with a 1-year subscription, there are generous discounts on the hardware depending on the appliance.


Patrizio is an experienced network specialist with a focus on Sophos firewalls, switches and access points. He supports customers or their IT department in the configuration and migration of Sophos firewalls and ensures optimal network security through clean segmentation and firewall rule management.

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