Sophos Central Email - Security for emails with sandboxing through the cloud
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Sophos Central Email - Security for emails with sandboxing through the cloud

David - November 30, 2016

While nowadays you can quickly send a WhatsApp on a private level, you can't imagine business without email traffic. We work our way through huge amounts of emails every day and must always keep an overview. It's not made easy, because if the spam filter fails, you have to be very careful not to accidentally open an attachment which turns out to be Ransomware!

Once you've read this blog post, at least spam, malware and phishing emails will no longer be a problem in your inbox, because we have the honour of once again introducing a new Sophos product: Sophos Central Email.

What exactly is Sophos Central Email?

So first of all, Sophos Central Email is another product in the Sophos Central cloud-based management platform portfolio. Meanwhile, the variety of Sophos Central is really impressive and you can view and order all the modules currently available in our shop.

To cut to the chase, Sophos Central Email is a:

Cloud-based email security gateway that can be managed through Sophos Central.

Less technically, you can see Sophos Central Email as an extra layer of protection that scans all your email for viruses, malware, malicious attachments, malicious URLs, viruses and phishing before it gets into your inbox. Sophos Central Email works great with Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Exchange (from version 2003) and many other solutions.

Here are a few key points that speak in favour of Sophos Central Email:$

  • Quick setup and easy integration
  • Proven virus, malware, spam and phishing protection
  • Allows global blocking of addresses or domains
  • Has a self-service portal where users can share quarantined emails
  • Email continuity with self-service portal for end users, spooling and emergency inboxes
  • Reliable, global Sophos-hosted infrastructure (US, Germany, Ireland) with centralized management in Sophos Central
  • Supports Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Exchange (from version 2003) and many more.

Why is Sophos Central Email needed?

Many smaller companies, including ourselves, do not have their own mail servers, but use external providers or cloud services, such as Office 365, which means that they also depend on the integrated security solutions of cloud email services, which are not sufficient to keep malicious and suspicious email content out of a company network.

This is of course a big problem, as email is still the most popular tool used by cyber criminals to spread malware. This raises the question of what can be done to ensure that a shift to external resources does not mean that the security level is automatically reduced.

With Sophos, we would already have the option of routing mail traffic through our own SG or XG, but this is quite delicate, of course, because in most cases the Sophos firewall is not connected to two Internet lines to ensure high availability. Once the firewall is down, no emails are sent to the provider. And that's where Sophos Central Email comes in.

Sophos offers you a reliable, global infrastructure that will probably never be down. With the location of the server, you can choose whether you want to forward your emails via America, Germany or Ireland. By changing the DNS > MX record, emails are first routed to Sophos, where they are scanned and then forwarded to the email provider.

With Sophos Central Email, you no longer need to rely on your provider's integrated security solutions, but instead receive proven email security that is constantly being updated by SophosLabs global network.

Sophos Central Email licensing model

Sophos Central Email will be available as "standard" and "advanced" versions. However, Sophos Central Email Advanced will not be released until Q1 2017.

Licenses are per user, whereby the minimum number of users is 5. However, several email addresses can be added per user.

Most important features - Standard

  • Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Exchange (from version 2003)
  • Spam filter
  • User portal for end users (quarantine, whitelist, blacklist)
  • Spooling (If the mail server is not reachable, the email is kept and delivered later)
  • Phishing URL Protection
  • Anti-spoofing (SPF and DKIM)

Additional Features - Advanced (Available in Q1 2017)

  • Sophos Sandstorm (sandboxing for emails)
  • Email Attachment Filer Policy

Sophos Central Email Quick Tour

Try Sophos Central Email now!

If you don't have a Sophos Central account yet, you can create one on the Sophos website and try all features, including Sophos Central Email, free for 30 days.

If you already have a Sophos Central account and the 30-day trial period has expired, you can order a "Sophos Central Email" license from our store:

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