Sophos Central Endpoint Protection - Name change & End of Sale
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Sophos Central Endpoint Protection - Name change & End of Sale

Patrizio - July 16, 2018

As with Sophos Central Server Protection , Sophos Central Endpoint is now undergoing some restructuring. For example, the standard version will be deleted and the new names will be juggled. In this article we will briefly inform you about all these changes.

Name changes

Previously, Sophos Central Endpoint had a standard and an advanced version. The short story is that the standard version is discontinued and Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced (CEA) is renamed Sophos Central Endpoint Protection (CEP).

We are already wondering whether this decision is connected with the fact that e.g. Microsoft is getting better and better with its free Windows Defender and has achieved a very good score in the April 2018 tests. For strategic reasons, one would like to stand out from the functional range of the free products a little more.

End of Sale for Central Endpoint Standard

As mentioned above, Sophos Central Endpoit Standard will be discontinued. The low-cost entry-level version will already be end of sale on August 6, 2018. For those who are currently using the standard version, Sophos will automatically upgrade to Sophos Central Endpoint Protection (the earlier Advanced version) for free, so you can benefit from the advanced features for the same price! However, we suspect that the renewal will then become somewhat more expensive.

Actually, we do not find this decision tragic. We never recommended the standard version anyway, because important features for good protection were missing. The difference to a free antivirus program was not very big.

Endpoint Advanced + Intercept X Bundle

It was less than six months ago (February 2018) that Sophos introduced the Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced + Sophos Intercept X bundle.

Endpoint Advanced + Intercept X bundle available! If users wanted to benefit from the best and most comprehensive protection on one client, they had to license two products: Central Endpoint Advanced, and Intercept X. With immediate effect, Sophos is offering one SKU with the articles entitled "SOPHOS Central Intercept X + Endpoint Advanced", which includes both products. This SKU is discounted by up to 40 % compared to the two individual articles.

This bundle will be listed as a single product under the new product name Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced from mid-October 2018. New name, same features, same price.

Intercept X Advanced tested by SE Labs

While Forester has repositioned Sophos Endpoint as the leader (alongside 15 different endpoint vendors) in its latest Endpoint report, SE Labs, an independent testing company, has also tested and compared Intercept X Advanced with other solutions. The result is that Sophos currently offers the best endpoint protection solution in the world.

Sophos will also be showing you information about the test and its results in the following video:


With all these name changes and restructurings, it can become almost dizzy. We summarize the future names of the products for you once again:

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