Sophos Firewall release notes removed from our blog
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Sophos Firewall release notes removed from our blog

Patrizio - August 12, 2020

At least twice a year, we have a time when we stop for a moment and question our daily work steps. What can we do better, where can we optimise and what effort should we avoid in the future, as the added value is not ( or no longer) existing?

Time for change

We are fortunate and very grateful that the pandemic has not yet harmed our business. Quite the opposite is actually the case! It has rather motivated us to make some changes to our website and clean up a bit. Recently we have abolished the newsletter categories and we now show stock on the product pages. You can also expect a few more visual changes to the website this year.

Firewall Release Notes categories removed

The next optimization point on our website concerns the Release Notes. There used to be two extra categories on our blog:

  • SFOS Release Notes
  • UTM Release Notes

When we started blogging about Sophos topics a few years ago, we felt it was an added value for our customers to be informed about new Firewall operating system updates. But now Sophos is also communicating in the Firewall backend and in their community in a very up-to-date and detailed way about new updates, so in the end it was more copy and paste for us to have this information appear on our blog. Our goal is always to publish content that is as personal and valuable as possible, which was no longer the case with the release notes. For this reason we have now removed these two categories from our blog.

You will continue to find the latest news about the XG Firewall, SFOS or UTM in the Sophos Firewall category.

If you'd like to stay informed about the release notes, please refer to the Sophos Community pages:

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