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Sophos Firewall release notes removed from blog

At least twice a year, there comes a time when we pause for a moment and question our daily work steps. What can we do better, where can we optimize and what effort should we do without in the future because the added value is not (any longer) there?

Time for change

We can consider ourselves fortunate and are very grateful that the pandemic has not harmed our business so far. On the contrary! If anything, it motivated us to make some changes to our website and clean it up a bit. Just recently we did away with the newsletter categories and now show stock on the product pages. You can also expect some visual changes to the website this year.

Release Notes categories abolished

The next optimization point on our website concerns the release notes. On our blog, two extra categories existed for this purpose:

  • SFOS Release Notes
  • UTM Release Notes

When we started blogging about Sophos topics a few years ago, we felt it added value to our customers when we informed them about new firewall operating system updates. In the meantime, however, Sophos also communicates very up-to-date and detailed information about new updates in the firewall backend and in its community, which is why it was more copy & paste for us in the end so that this information also appeared on our blog. Our goal is always to publish our own and valuable content as much as possible, which was no longer true for the release notes. For this reason, we have removed these two categories from our blog.

Current news about the XG Firewall, the SFOS or the UTM you will still find in the category Sophos Firewall category.

If you would like to stay informed about the Relase Notes in the future, we would like to refer you to the respective pages of the Sophos Community:


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