What are the main Sophos portals?

In the world of Sophos, there are a few important websites where you as a Sophos user will need to log in sooner or later.

Not all of the websites below will be relevant to you. It depends heavily on the product you are using from Sophos. To make sure you don’t lose track of which portals are available and when they should be relevant to you, we have listed the most important ones for you.

MyUTM Licensing Portal

This portal dates back to the time of Astaro. If you use a SG firewall with the UTM operating system, you can manage your UTM license in this portal. For example, you will be shown which modules you have licensed and when they need to be renewed. If you have a Sophos Premium Support license, you can also open a Sophos support ticket here. If your hardware breaks down, the MyUTM portal can also record warranty claims (RMA).

Visit MyUTM Licensing Portal


If you’re looking today at the latest Sophos products, you can’t avoid a SophosID. The SophosID stands for your personal Sophos account and you must create your own SophosID when you register your XGS or XG Firewall at the latest. You can manage your Sophos Firewall licenses or download the latest firmware from your SophosID account.

Access SophosID account

Sophos Support Portal

In this portal you can open support tickets or RMAs for all Sophos products. Tickets must be written in English. You can easily log in to this portal using your SophosID and no additional login is required. To open a ticket at all, you will need either an XGS or XG Firewall with EnhancedSupport or EnhancedSupport Plus, an SG Firewall with Premium Support or a valid Central License.

Access Sophos Support Portal

Sophos Central

Sophos Central is used to manage Central products. If you are interested in Sophos Central, you can open a 30-day trial account. For Sophos Central, you will again need an additional login and will not be able to use your SophosID, for example.

Access Sophos Central