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Sophos Firewall - Email Protection License Box
Sophos XGS 136 Email Protection

193,20  - 723,60 

193,20  - 723,60 

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Sophos XGS 136 Email Protection

193,20  - 723,60 

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Email Protection - protection for your emails against phishing, spam and data loss

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more skillful. Email Protection not only protects against phishing, but also keeps your inboxes free of viruses and spam. With user-friendly email encryption, it keeps sensitive emails safe from unauthorized viewing.

Keep inboxes spam free

With Email Protection, unwanted messages are blocked before they wreak havoc in your inboxes or prevent you from getting work done. Even the latest and constantly modified spam campaigns don't stand a chance.

Prevent phishing attacks

Phishing attacks hide in seemingly legitimate emails and tempt users to reveal online banking passwords or other confidential data. With Email Protection, such attacks are detected and stopped before they reach you.

Stop malware and viruses

With Email Protection you get two antivirus engines running in parallel. They intercept current viruses, malware and malicious URLs circulated via email and prevent them from entering the network.

Block unwanted content

If you wish, you can also block unwanted content sent or received via e-mail (MP3s, video files, software programs, and much more).

Protect sensitive emails with encryption

Transparent encryption ensures that your sensitive e-mails are always optimally protected. The encryption is automatic, secure and works invisibly in the background.

Simple quarantine management

A self-service web portal gives employees complete control over their spam quarantine while reducing your workload.