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Price increases now also at Sophos Central

Price increase Sophos Intercept X

After the price increases of the Sophos firewall appliances including accessories, the SD-RED and APX access points, the Central platform is now also affected. Due to changing market conditions, Sophos is revising prices upward for the following products effective August…

End of Sale of SG Hardware and UTM Licenses

End of Sale Sophos SG hardware and UTM licenses

This news should come as no surprise to many of our customers and readers. The countdown for the UTM has been running for us for quite some time and has now reached 0 on April 2. We purposely chose April…

Sophos raises prices again

Sophos price increase

The last price hearing was not long ago and came into effect on January 16. In December 2021, we reported on the price increase: Sophos increases prices for SG series, access points and REDs. As of April 4, there is…