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Security Life

Current topics for everyday life.

Here we inform you about current threats, new viruses, security vulnerabilities and give advice on how to protect yourself against them with Sophos.

Sophos – 450 employees made redundant

Security provider Sophos, like many other ICT companies, is set to cut costs due to the uncertain global economic situation and has announced that it will lay off around 10% of its global workforce. As‘TechCrunch‘ reports, 450 employees are affected.…

Sophos Roadshow 2018 – See the future

Sophos Roadshow 2018 in Dübendorf

We visited the Sophos Roadshow 2018 in Dübendorf Switzerland yesterday (07.03.2018) and summarize everything you need to know here. In keeping with the theme “Ready For Take Off”, the event took place at the “Air Force Center Zurich”. As always,…