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Sophos Central

Updates, new features and more

Here we provide information about important updates, new features or introduce new products that have been added to Sophos Central.

Sophos NDR – Eliminating network blind spots

Sophos NDR Hero Image

In my last few articles, I wrote about Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Starting with the renaming of MTR to MDR, moving on to the new and powerful add-ons to additionally integrate third-party telemetry data. Those who have read…

Sophos Partner Roadshow 2023

After three years, we were back at a Sophos Partner Roadshow. After the pandemic, we didn’t go to any offline events, but we wanted to touch people again and see them without beauty filters. The innovations are limited, but there…

Latest Sophos Central Email features

Sophos Central Email Banner

In the last few months there have been quite a few new features in Cental Email. I have listed some here and for most of them there is a video explaining everything. Message History – Advanced search and improvements With…

Sophos MDR integrates third-party telemetry data

Sophos MDR Bannerbild

Sophos MTR Standard and Advanced has disappeared from our website. The empty seat is taken by the new Sophos MDR Service, a worthy successor with a decisive advantage. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what this is,…

Sophos MTR becomes MDR and gets new features

Sophos Managed Threat Response Service from Sophos will get a new name at the end of November – formerly Sophos MTR will become Sophos MDR. Find out what this name change means for existing customers and what new features will…

Price increases now also at Sophos Central

Price increase Sophos Intercept X

After the price increases of the Sophos firewall appliances including accessories, the SD-RED and APX access points, the Central platform is now also affected. Due to changing market conditions, Sophos is revising prices upward for the following products effective August…