Can I get a better price?

We often get asked if there is anything we can do about the price in our shop. The short answer is No, unless you are a reseller and would like to register with us. Who compares us once with others, states that we are quite conscious that the price is crucial.

As a Sophos Platinum Partner, we believe in our prices and know that they are fair and in most cases are not undercut by anyone else. Especially with larger firewalls or a large number of licenses, we give a very generous discount. We can keep up with our competitors even when they try to influence the buyer with red discount symbols.

Why can we be so cheap? Firstly, we are a Sophos Platinum Partner and therefore get better conditions than e.g. Silver or Gold Partners. On the other hand, as Avanet we earn most of our money with services (support, projects and training) rather than selling hardware and licenses.

Compare us

Let’s be honest. We are all always looking for the best price, so we ourselves are no different. So that you can compare us even better with our competitors, we list ourselves on toppreise.ch as well. So if you want to know if you can get a Sophos product at an even lower price somewhere else, simply copy the article number and search for it at toppreise.

Note: We do not see the competitors on toppreise.ch as rivals to our service business. Many of the listed resellers are really just online shops and sell a thousand other products. So if you ever find a store that sells a Sophos product at a lower price, be aware that there is a high probability that they will not be able to help you with a Sophos problem.


Prices on our website are targeted primarily at end-users who need Sophos for their own infrastructure. Companies that regularly need Sophos products for their customer projects can register with us as a reseller and get a better price to start with.

Larger projects

For larger projects, we have the option of asking Sophos for project prices. This will give us additional discounts, which we can then pass on to you. However, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your shopping cart needs a minimum value of 10’000 CHF excl. VAT.
  • Your project must consist of several Sophos products, such as firewall and central licenses, or a larger number of access points or REDs.