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Install Sophos SSL VPN Client (Windows) - SFOS

In this guide, we will show you how to download and install the SSL VPN client from the user portal of your Sophos XGS or XG firewall.

Info: This guide was written for a Sophos Firewall with the SFOS operating system created. Those who use a firewall with the UTM operating system can find here the SSL VPN guide for a UTM firewall instructions. There are also instructions for setting up the VPN for macOS or iOS.

Install SSL VPN Client

1. log in to Sophos

Use your browser to call up the URL of the user portal of your Sophos. Then log in to the user portal with your username and password.

Note: If you see a message in your browser that the connection is untrusted, it is because no SSL certificate has been issued for the firewall. Therefore, look for the option to access the page anyway (varies depending on the browser).

2. download Sophos SSL VPN Client

Switch in the navigation to SSL VPN. Then click on the first Download link and download the software.

3. install Sophos SSL VPN client

Run the setup and follow the steps of the wizard.

Note: If you are asked during the installation to install a device software named TAP Windows Provider V9 Network Adapter you can easily install with install confirm

4. set up Sophos SSL VPN client

After installing the client, a small traffic light icon appears at the bottom right of the taskbar. Click with the right mouse button on the traffic light icon and select Connect. Then enter your username and password and confirm with ok.

5. check VPN connection

The traffic light should then turn green if the login data is correct. This indicates that the VPN connection has been successfully established. Now the remote desktop server or the company's file server can be accessed.

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