What types of licenses do I have to choose from when I purchase?

If you want to buy a license from us in our online shop, you must first select the type of license. A distinction is made between initial, renewal and expand. You can find out in this article how these 3 options differ and which license type you have to choose for your purchase.

Initial purchase

The “initial purchase” is the standard selection and pre-selected for each license. Leave it at this selection when you buy a license for the first time.

Example: You will need a Network Protection license for your Sophos XGS 2300 Firewall. If you have not previously purchased a Network Protection license, which may have expired, this is a classic “ initial purchase “.


The “renewal” option assumes that you have already purchased the license once and that the term has now expired. Select this license type only if you already have an existing license ID. However, according to the Sophos Renewal Policy, the existing license must not have expired for more than 1 year. If you are waiting more than a year for your license to renew, you will have to select the “initial” option again when you purchase your license, and you will not benefit from a slightly lower price.

Info: You can also renew a license without having bought it from us before. We simply need your License ID, which you can leave in the comment field when ordering.


The license type “extend” is not activated at the moment, but will be added at a later time. The purpose of this option is to allow you to extend an existing license for a certain period of time. This feature is particularly needed for Sophos Central licenses, as the terms of multiple licenses need to be aligned.