When do I get my licence?

If you order one or more Sophos licences from us in the shop, they will usually be emailed to you within 1-3 working days as a PDF file. Unfortunately, the process is not always the same, which is why we explain this in more detail here.

Let me start by saying that it’s quite normal for Sophos to have you holding the hardware in your hands before the licence in most cases. But that’s not tragic either, because with every new hardware you can activate a 30-day trial license. So you can start installing the firewall right away and install your licence on the box later. This applies to the UTM operating system as well as to the SFOS.

Longer waiting times

As mentioned, the normal average is 1 - 3 working days until you get the licence. At the end of the quarter, however, it can take 4-5 days. On rare occasions, a licence may take 5 days or more. But with such a long wait, we’ll also ask Sophos where the licence is.

Important: Renewals should therefore always be ordered early so that the licence does not expire and network services or endpoint services no longer work.

Special case for XGS/XG Firewall licences

With a SG firewall you get a licence file (txt) from us, which you have to install on your firewall. When buying a SFOS licence (XGS/XG firewall) for the first time, either individually or in a bundle, the licence can be synchronized in the web interface of the firewall. In contrast to UTM, no licence file with a key is theoretically required here. We write here “theoretically”, because in the past there were cases where the automatic synchronization of the licence did not work and afterwards the licence key had to be entered manually. We explained how to do this in the following KB post: Enable Sophos XG Firewall licence key

In the case of renewal licenses, we have experienced that the key usually has to be entered manually in the web interface.