Who do I have to specify as end customer?

When you purchase a Sophos product from us in our online store, you must specify an end customer at checkout. To find out why we do this and who is the end customer in your case, click here.

Who is the end customer?

The end customer is always a person or a company who will use the devices or licenses from the order. For example, if you buy a firewall for your private home, you are the end customer. However, if you are buying a Sophos product from our online store on behalf of a colleague or company, your colleague or company is the end customer.

For example, if you run an IT company and purchase Sophos hardware and licenses for your customers through our online store, the end customer will always be your customer’s address, not yours.

Why do I have to provide the end customer at all?

When we order hardware or licenses from Sophos, we need to provide the end user’s contact information so that the products can be registered to them. It goes without saying that if, for example, your customer’s license is registered to your company, it is not correct.