Why is a project registration required?

Since the 1 July 2019, the buying process at Sophos has been adjusted for purchases in the large segment. To ensure that you receive the best possible price, we need to report orders for larger environments to Sophos as a project. This article explains why this project reporting is necessary and which products are affected.

Categorization of products

The following products fall into the large segment for Sophos:

  • XGS 2100 - 8500
  • XG 210 - 750
  • SG 210 - 650
  • SFOS Software: 4 CPU 6GB RAM to Unlimited CPU / GB RAM
  • UTM Software: 75 - Unlimited
  • Sophos Central per user: 49 - 5000+ users
  • Sophos Central Server: 10 - 1000+ users

So that you don’t have to memorize this list, we will inform you on the corresponding product pages if a project notification is required for a product.

Why does it need a project registration at all?

By reporting a project to Sophos, we receive a bonus in form of additional percentages, with which we can offer an even more attractive price. With the new pricing for all the products on the above list, we have assumed that we will receive the project submission bonus from Sophos.

Guaranteed price with some conditions!

However, Sophos will only award a project registration bonus if the project has not yet been registered by any other Sophos partner! So we can only guarantee you the price if no other partner has reported the project to Sophos before us.

If you order from us without first talking to another partner, you can always be sure that we will receive the bonus for you. However, if you know before you buy that you have already received quotes from several partners for your order, it is likely that the project has already been protected by another partner and we will no longer be able to offer you the price listed.

Effects on delivery time

Due to the manual project registration with Sophos, we expect a delay of about 24 hours in the ordering process. After a few months of hands-on experience, we will be able to better assess how much time is actually lost through reporting a project to Sophos.

Unfortunately, this means that it will not be possible to deliver products from the above list on the next working day.