Sophos Firewall - Web Server Protection License Box
Sophos XG 230 Webserver Protection

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Sophos XG 230 Webserver Protection

42,10  - 505,20 

End of Life reached in


The Sophos XG series will reach the end of its lifecycle on March 31, 2025. For a smooth transition, read our blog post

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Sophos Webserver Protection

Sophos Webserver Protection is a powerful security solution designed to protect web servers and their applications from threats and attacks. The license provides a variety of features that enable IT administrators to effectively secure their web server while ensuring application performance and availability.

Zero Trust as a better solution

Sophos Zero Trust Network Access is in many cases a better solution than Sophos Firewall with Webserver Protection.

Sophos Central Zero Trust Network Access

Key feature

Business Application Policy Templates

Sophos Webserver Protection provides preconfigured policy templates for business applications, making it easy for administrators to configure appropriate security settings for common applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business. These templates help you implement security best practices for your applications and ensure that your web servers are always protected.

Key feature

Protection against the latest hacks and attacks

Sophos Webserver Protection 's advanced protection technology helps protect web servers and applications from current and emerging threats. With continuous updates and patches, security gaps are closed and the latest hacks and attacks are averted. The technology includes Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Web Application Firewall (WAF), among others, to provide comprehensive protection against attacks.

Key feature

Reverse Proxy

The integrated reverse proxy allows administrators to control and filter traffic to and from their web servers. This not only ensures the security of the web servers, but also improves the performance and availability of the applications. With features such as load balancing and SSL offloading, the reverse proxy can efficiently distribute traffic and optimize web application performance.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Sophos Webserver Protection also offers other powerful features such as:

  • Centralized management and reporting: Enables easy management and monitoring of web servers and applications from a centralized console.
  • High availability and clustering: Keeps your applications running smoothly and minimizes downtime.

Avanet Services

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Our services are designed to help you keep your Sophos products running securely and reliably. In addition to the classic support for Sophos Firewalls or the Central platform, we offer the following services, which can be requested from us at any time:

Setup Services

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Firewall maintenance


Security audits

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Setup Services

Want to have your Sophos products set up by professionals? We support you during commissioning and configuration for smooth operation.


You would like to change from your SG Firewall (UTM) to a XGS Firewall with the SFOS operating system? Thanks to our experience, we can also manage your changeover without any worries.

Health Check

You have set up your Sophos products yourself and would like us to check the configuration? We will check your settings and give our recommendation.


Is it your job to be knowledgeable about Sophos products in your organization? We offer targeted training that is completely tailored to your needs.


Special awards for educational and government institutions

Sophos offers special discounts for schools and government institutions to meet specific budget requirements. A discount of at least 20 % can be expected.*

Ask us and we will prepare an offer for you completely free of charge and without obligation.

* Special pricing for educational and government institutions is only available in the DACH region.

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Use the online demo for instant access directly in the browser, without installation. Or download the Sophos Firewall software for free (ISO) and install it on your own hardware.

Use the following credentials to start your online demo. Username: demo / Password: XG@demOuser

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Sophos Firewall - Web Server Protection License Box
Sophos XG 230 Webserver Protection

42,10  - 505,20 

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page