New Sophos Hardware - SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 available
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New Sophos Hardware - SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 available

Patrizio - 17. Juli 2020

Since a few weeks the two new REDs are available and the previous models are no longer for sale. Time to take a look at the new models and compare them.

RED 15, RED 15w and RED 50 – End of Sale

Now that the new models are available, the old ones are no longer needed. Strictly speaking, they will not be end of sale until 31 August 2020, but as demand has risen sharply due to the pandemic, all REDs in Europe were already completely sold out and no longer available by mid-March. The delivery situation has not and will not change any more, therefore the products on our shop are also no longer available.

Here is an overview of the old models and their successors:

What exactly does the Sophos RED?

We are always happy to welcome new readers to the blog, and there are some newcomers to Sophos among them. As I think Sophos's RED is a really great product, I would like to explain very briefly what it can be used for.

If you have a Sophos Firewall in use, whether running the UTM operating system or SFOS, you can use the Sophos SD-REDs to make a VPN connection extremely easy. For example, if you want to connect a branch office or home office to the corporate network, the RED is perfect for this. You need internet, power and someone on site who knows how to connect three cables and the VPN connection is established. An instruction how to connect the RED can be found here: Setting up Sophos RED

The RED is so great because it is extremely simple to use and the administration is centralized on the Firewall. Our customers use the REDs, for example, to connect various systems:

  • branch offices
  • home offices
  • offsite backup
  • cameras
  • cash register systems
  • monitoring equipment
  • building control systems (ventilation, heating, access control)
  • internet TV from other countries

What's new?

Sophos RED was fantastic even in its previous version. But what has changed with the SD RED?

New name

Let us begin with the name SD-RED. Why not just RED anymore? Can the new model do more? RED stands for "Remote Ethernet Device" and the addition SD for "Software-Defined" (WAN).

As many vendors are currently talking about SD-WAN, Sophos has adopted this term in the product name. In fact, SD-RED does not have more features than the older models. The RED was already a good solution as an alternative to expensive MPLS lines.

More performance

The RED 50 came on the market in August 2014 and the RED 15 in September 2015. In recent years, the transfer rates on the Internet and also its use have increased massively and therefore the new SD-REDs offer more throughput.

  • RED 15 - 90 Mbit/s
  • RED 50 - 360 Mbit/s
  • SD-RED 20 - 250 Mbit/s
  • SD-RED 60 - 850 Mbit/s

More connections

Two power adapters can be connected to both the SD-RED 20 and the SD-RED 60. One is included in the scope of delivery, a second one can be bought separately, thus providing a redundant power supply.

Both models have a SFP connection. So you can choose between a copper or fiber WAN port. However, only one of both can be connected. If you want to connect two WAN connections, the SD-RED 60 offers two WAN RJ45 (WAN1 is also shared with the SFP port. It is also valid here: either RJ45 or SFPr).

The SD-REDs can also be optionally extended with modules. For this reason, there is no successor to the RED 15w, for example, because the WLAN functionality can be upgraded with a WiFi module (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wave 1 (Wi-Fi 5) dual-band 2x2 MIMO 2 antennas). Furthermore, a Sophos 3G/4G module (MC7430/MC7455 Sierra Wireless Card) and a VDSL modem are also available. For the latter, however, we do not yet have any information about what kind of standard it will support or when it will be available.

Like the smaller model, the SD-RED 60 has 4 LAN ports. However, in the SD-RED 60 two of these connections offer PoE with a total power of 30 watts. So instead of the WiFi model, you can also use an APX access point, which is better from a performance point of view.

More warranty

In the past, the devices only had a one-year warranty and a second year could be purchased in addition. The new SD-RED models come with 5 years warranty, as well as the APX series of access points.

Accessories - Rack mount

The new models are larger than the previous models. However, there is again a suitable rackmount kit, so that you can install the appliance in the rack.


In order for the SD-REDs to run on a UTM or SFOS Firewall, a Network Protection License or a bundle containing this license is required, just like with the older models.

  • Enterprise Guard
  • Enterprise Guard Plus
  • FullGuard
  • FullGuard Plus

For the WLAN functionality, the UTM still requires Wireless Protection. This is included in the Base License for all SFOS Firewalls (XG Firewall).


The SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 have been officially available since mid-April, but due to the pandemic there was no availability and we had a long list of pre-orders and customers who had to wait up to one and a half months for their RED. Meanwhile the REDs are available as usual.


The new models are a great upgrade for the already excellent REDs. The performance update was absolutely necessary, because the 90 Mbit of a RED 15 are already very tight for internet speeds in 2020. The 5-year warranty and two power supplies give an additional good feeling when you buy them and ensure an all-round carefree package from Sophos. We look forward to seeing how Sophos will further improve the SD-RED in the future.

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