Sophos Central Intercept X Essentials for Server

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In stock: delivery time approx. 1 - 3 working days

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Product Description

Sophos Central Intercept X Essentials for Server – Powerful protection with a lower price tag!

Intercept X Essentials for Servers is the new entry-level server protection for small businesses at an affordable price. With Deep learning AI, anti-ransomware and anti-exploit features, it offers the same protections as Intercept X Advanced for Servers, but without all the control and management features, which you probably won't miss if your business is small or perceives low risk.

The following features are not included in Intercept X Essentials for Servers

  • Multiple Policies – Customers must use the base policy.
  • Peripheral Control – Customers cannot set users to connect only certain devices.
  • Controlled Updates – Customers cannot delay updates or decide when to deploy them.
  • Web Control – Customers cannot block access to inappropriate websites.
  • Application Control – Customers cannot control what types of applications may be installed and run.
  • Threat Cases – Customers do not have access to threat cases that show what happened during an incident.
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) – Customers cannot monitor critical files on their servers for tampering attempts.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Customers cannot see their entire cloud environment, e.g. serverless functions and databases.
  • Server Lockdown – Customers cannot lock down their servers to a base configuration.

If you need multiple configurable policies or a higher level of manageability with Peripheral Control, Web Control, Application Control, etc., consider purchasing Intercept X Advanced for Server instead.

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