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Sophos Firewall - Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade License Box
Sophos SW/Virtual Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade – 16 CORES & 24GB RAM

1.013,65  - 3.201,00 

1.013,65  - 3.201,00 

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Sophos SW/Virtual Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade – 16 CORES & 24GB RAM

1.013,65  - 3.201,00 

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Enhanced Plus Support - for additional support services from Sophos

Sophos offers two different support plans for its firewalls, Enhanced and Enhanced Plus. With this upgrade you can upgrade an Enhanced Support license to an Enhanced Plus license.

Sophos Enhanced Plus Support offers several additional benefits and services compared to Enhanced Support. Both support plans offer round-the-clock support, access to firmware updates and advance replacement in case of hardware failure. However, Enhanced Plus Support offers additional:

  • Direct-to-Level 2 Support: Your support requests are routed directly to Level 2 support engineers, resulting in faster resolution times. This allows you to bypass Level 1 and have direct contact with experienced technicians who have more in-depth knowledge of Sophos products and technologies.
  • Priority Case Handling: Your support cases are handled with priority. This means that your requests are processed more quickly, resulting in faster problem resolution.
  • Individual Customer Success Manager: You will be assigned a personal Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will act as your main point of contact at Sophos. The CSM is your personal contact for all support and service issues and helps you to get the maximum benefit from your Sophos solution.
  • Proactive Check-ups: Enhanced Plus Support provides proactive check-ups of your systems to identify and fix problems before they become major issues.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with shorter response times: Enhanced Plus Support offers improved SLAs with shorter response times compared to Enhanced Support.
  • Remote Consulting: This service includes personalized consulting sessions with Sophos experts to optimize and effectively deploy your systems. All sessions can be flexibly scheduled and are conducted remotely to minimize interruptions. After each session, you will receive a detailed summary of the actions taken.
  • Expert support: Remote consulting gives you access to Sophos experts who can help you effectively implement and optimize your Sophos solutions. These experts have deep knowledge of Sophos products and technologies and can help you solve complex technical challenges.
  • VIP contact with senior support engineers: As part of Sophos Enhanced Plus Support, you get privileged access to senior support engineers from Sophos. These experienced professionals are available to tackle complex technical challenges and help you get the most out of your Sophos solutions. This VIP contact means that you always have a competent and reliable contact person who knows your systems and needs and can help you quickly and efficiently. This is a valuable resource that ensures your organization can get the full performance and value from your Sophos solutions.

These enhanced features of Enhanced Plus Support help you get the most out of your Sophos solutions and provide additional security and support.

HA Cluster

If you want to run a high availability cluster with two Sophos Firewall appliances in (active-passive mode), only the first appliance needs to be licensed. However, the second appliance requires Sophos Enhanced Plus Support to ensure that it is covered under warranty in the event of a hardware failure. Enhanced Plus Support ensures that your HA cluster is functioning optimally at all times and is supported quickly and efficiently when needed.

Learn more: Sophos Support Services Guide