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Sophos XGS 2100 Series


The Sophos XGS 2100 appliance includes a basic license, but these basic features are often not enough for professional needs. Therefore, it is possible to purchase software bundles or individual licenses as needed to expand the functionality.

Software Bundles

If you want to unlock several paid modules on your XGS 2100 firewall, you should take a look at the following software bundles. Price-wise, it might be worth it compared to buying individual licenses.

Hardware Bundles

If you need more than just the XGS 2100 firewall with the basic features, you should take a look at these hardware bundles. Here you get the hardware together with a suitable software bundle.

Individual licenses

If the basic features of the XGS 2100 firewall are not enough for you, you can choose from a selection of modules to further expand the range of functions. If several single licenses are needed, we would advise a software bundle.


Various accessories are available for the XGS 2100 appliance to perfectly mount or dismount the firewall.

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