Sophos Fiber Transceiver (GBIC) - Dual Rate 10GBase-LR 10GbE

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The Sophos Dual Rate 10GBase-LR 10GbE Fiber Transceiver (GBIC) is designed for all UTM/SG/XG SFP+ ports.

Item number Transceiver type Wavelength Max. Range Fiber type Conformity Connection
ITFZTCHTC 1000Base-T 100m SFP RJ-45
ITFZTCHSX 1000Base-SX 850nm 550m Multi-mode SFP Duplex LC
ITFZTCHLX 1000Base-LX 1310nm 10km Single mode SFP Duplex LC
ITFZTCHXF 10GBase-SR /SW 850nm 300m Multi-mode SFP+ Duplex LC
ITFZTCHLR 10GBase-LR /LW 1310nm 10km Single Mode SFP+ Duplex LC
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