Sophos Firewall - Enhanced Support License Box
Sophos XG 230 Enhanced Support

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Sophos XG 230 Enhanced Support

24,30  - 306,96 

End of Life reached in


The Sophos XG series will reach the end of its lifecycle on March 31, 2025. For a smooth transition, read our blog post

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Learn more about the
Sophos Enhanced Support

Sophos Enhanced Support ensures that you have a point of contact when you have problems with your firewall. Support is available 24/7, including holidays, to answer all your questions and solve any problems, both by email and by phone.

Important to know

Enhanced Support is not a free pass to have the Sophos team take care of your firewall configuration at no cost. A support ticket should only be opened if a function of the firewall is no longer working properly in your opinion. Sophos Support will not accept requests because you lack the necessary knowledge to configure them. In such cases, please contact us so that we can configure the firewall as desired within the scope of our support conditions.

Open support ticket

Incident levels and target times

Sophos Enhanced Support offers different incident levels based on the urgency and impact of the problem. This will help you understand the type of support you can expect for different types of problems. Incident levels are defined as follows:

  • P1 - Critical: In the event of a critical system failure or other event that significantly impacts operations, Sophos's goal is to respond within 1 hour.
  • P2 - High: For a high incident that significantly impacts operations but is not critical, Sophos aims to respond within 2 hours.
  • P3 - Medium: For an incident that results in limited operation but is not critical, Sophos aims to respond within 8 hours of operation.
  • P4 - Low: For low incidents or general requests, Sophos aims for a response within 24 hours of operation.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Sophos Incident Level web page.

Escalation process

If you are not satisfied with the support provided, Sophos Enhanced Support offers a clear escalation process. To escalate a support case, you can send an email to the support team requesting escalation, or you can also request escalation directly through the support portal.

This gives you added confidence in support and ensures that your concerns are always taken seriously and resolved quickly.

Firmware updates

Sophos Enhanced Support ensures that your Sophos Firewall is always up to date. This service provides regular firmware updates that ensure optimal performance and security of your Sophos Firewall. In addition, new features are constantly being added to extend the functionality of your firewall.

Thanks to Sophos Enhanced Support, your Sophos Firewall is always provided with the latest pattern and feature updates. Pattern updates are installed automatically. However, your intervention is required for new features or bug fixes. Security hotfixes are also installed automatically if this default active feature has not been disabled.

Warranty extension

By default, Sophos Firewall has 1 year manufacturer warranty. If the firewall is defective within this time, it will be replaced. After this year, the manufacturer's warranty is terminated. With Enhanced Support, the warranty period is extended to a maximum of 5 years, provided that the license is also extended.

Advance replacement in case of hardware failure

In the event of hardware failure, advance replacement is part of Sophos Enhanced Support. This means that Sophos will provide you with a replacement device in the event of a warranty claim. The RMA Device will be sent within 24h after opening the ticket. Here we explain how to open a support ticket for a case or RMA: How do I open a support ticket with Sophos?

Pay attention to transport routes

Please note that the replacement process and transportation of the new appliance may take at least 2-3 business days. We therefore recommend setting up an HA cluster for critical environments.

Sophos Enhanced Support included in bundles

Sophos Enhanced Support is included in the following license bundles:

  • Standard Protection
  • Xstream Protection
  • Epic Protection

If you wish to purchase only the Sophos Firewall Appliance, you can purchase the Enhanced Support license separately.

Why did I not get the full term when I activated my license key?

f the subscription to be activated is Enhanced Support or a bundle that includes Enhanced Support and the Firewall is out of warranty, then the term of the new subscription will be reduced to make up for the gap in warranty. Sophos performs a fair-value calculation based on the value of Enhanced Support to cover the gap and is capped at a maximum of six months. o, if the subscription to be activated is Enhanced Support and the previous subscription expired two months ago, the term of the new subscription will be reduced by two months. If the subscription is a bundle that includes Enhanced Support, then the term of the bundle is reduced by the number of days that is equivalent in value to Enhanced Support coverage for the gap. The calculations are based on the USD list price.

Warranty & Support

Sophos Support Plans

No matter which plan you choose: You will always receive first-class service. With tailored support from Sophos, business disruption is minimized and protection is maximized.

More information about warranty services


Included in the purchase price of a hardware or virtual Base License.

Sophos Firewall - Enhanced Support License Box


Sophos Firewall - Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade License Box

Enhanced Plus


Included in the hardware purchase price

Sophos Enhanced Support


About the product
Sophos Enhanced Plus Support

Enhanced Plus

About the product
By phone & email

for 90 days during business hours


24/7 with VIP contact to senior support engineers
Security Updates & Patches
Over the life of the product

the first 3 updates included

in active subscription

in active subscription
Software downloads, updates and maintenance
for 90 days
Hardware replacement & warranty
1 year (Return / Replace)

Advance exchange

Advance exchange
Access to support knowledgebase
and support forums
Remote Support
Remote Consulting
Up to 8 hours by senior Sophos engineer
Support & Warranty Extension
for connected Access Points/REDs
Preferred treatment
of problems and samples
VIP Contact
to Senior Support Engineers

Avanet Services

Let us improve your safety

Our services are designed to help you keep your Sophos products running securely and reliably. In addition to the classic support for Sophos Firewalls or the Central platform, we offer the following services, which can be requested from us at any time:

Setup Services

Health Check




Firewall maintenance


Security audits

Request more information

Setup Services

Want to have your Sophos products set up by professionals? We support you during commissioning and configuration for smooth operation.


You would like to change from your SG Firewall (UTM) to a XGS Firewall with the SFOS operating system? Thanks to our experience, we can also manage your changeover without any worries.

Health Check

You have set up your Sophos products yourself and would like us to check the configuration? We will check your settings and give our recommendation.


Is it your job to be knowledgeable about Sophos products in your organization? We offer targeted training that is completely tailored to your needs.


Special awards for educational and government institutions

Sophos offers special discounts for schools and government institutions to meet specific budget requirements. A discount of at least 20 % can be expected.*

Ask us and we will prepare an offer for you completely free of charge and without obligation.

* Special pricing for educational and government institutions is only available in the DACH region.

Request special prices

Trial version

Try Sophos Firewall free

Familiarize yourself with the Sophos Firewall user interface before purchasing. See for yourself how intuitive this advanced operating system is and learn about all the features of Sophos Firewall.

Use the online demo for instant access directly in the browser, without installation. Or download the Sophos Firewall software for free (ISO) and install it on your own hardware.

Use the following credentials to start your online demo. Username: demo / Password: XG@dem0user

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Sophos Firewall - Enhanced Support License Box
Sophos XG 230 Enhanced Support

24,30  - 306,96 

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page